List of Sheet Music (Tabs with Music Notation)

Acoustic Alchemy – Arianez Acoustic Alchemy – Ariane (demo version)

Al Di Meola – Topaz Al Di Meola – Topaz (demo version)

Al Di Meola & Paco de Lucia – Mediterranean Sundance (only solo party) (demo version)

Alex Fox – Fly away (YAETETB) Alex Fox – Fly away (YAETETB) (demo version)

Alex Fox – Nuevos Aires Alex Fox – Nuevos Aires (demo version)

Alex Fox – To The Gypsies Alex Fox – To The Gypsies (demo version)

Alex Fox – Rumba Disco Alex Fox – Rumba Disco (demo version)

Alex Fox – Amarte De Verdad Alex Fox – Amarte De Verdad (demo version)

Alex Fox – To Ottmar Liebert Alex Fox – To Ottmar Liebert (demo version)

Alex Fox – C’est La Vie Alex Fox – C’est La Vie (demo version)

Alex Fox – Palermo Alex Fox – Palermo (demo version)

Alex Fox – Sambada Alex Fox – Sambada (demo version)

Alex Fox – Flamencada Alex Fox – Flamencada (demo version)

Alex Fox – Guitar on Fire Alex Fox – Guitar on Fire (demo version)

Alex Fox – Happy Arturo Alex Fox – Happy Arturo (demo version)

Alex Fox – Quiero Ser Tu Sombra Alex Fox – Quiero Ser Tu Sombra (demo version)

Alex Fox – Gypsy Days, Latin Nights Alex Fox – Gypsy Days, Latin Nights (demo version)

Alex Fox – Bolero Alex Fox – Bolero (demo version)

Alex Fox – Gypsy Wedding Alex Fox – Gypsy Wedding (demo version)

Alex Fox – Fantasy of Bodrum Alex Fox – Fantasy of Bodrum (demo version)

Alex Fox – Buram Bumbeira Alex Fox – Buram Bumbeira (demo version)

Alex Fox – Mon Amour Alex Fox – Mon Amour (demo version)

Antonio Cobo – Brisas Antonio Cobo – Brisas (demo version)

Antonio Cobo – Earth Cry Antonio Cobo – Earth Cry (demo version)

Antonio Cobo – Las Bodas De Luis Alonzo Antonio Cobo – Las Bodas De Luis Alonzo (demo version)

Antonio Cobo – Love Dreaming Antonio Cobo – Love Dreaming (demo version)

Antonio Cobo – Malaguena Antonio Cobo – Malaguena (demo version)

Antonio Cobo – Piano Antonio Cobo – Piano (demo version)

Antonio Cobo – Rodando Antonio Cobo – Rodando (demo version)

Antonio Cobo – Rumbea Antonio Cobo – Rumbea (demo version)

Antonio Cobo – Vals Criollo Antonio Cobo – Vals Criollo (demo version)

Antonio Cobo – Ecos De Amor Antonio Cobo – Ecos De Amor (demo version)

Antonio de Lucena – A Media Luz Antonio de Lucena – A Media Luz (demo version)

Antonio de Lucena – Cerezo Rosa Antonio de Lucena – Cerezo Rosa (demo version)

Antonio de Lucena – Las Hojas Muertas Antonio de Lucena – Las Hojas Muertas (demo version)

Antonio de Lucena – Gwendoline Antonio de Lucena – Gwendoline (demo version)

Armik – Gipsy Flame Armik – Gipsy Flame (demo version)

Armik – Dancing Shadows Armik – Dancing Shadows (demo version)

Armik – Tango Flamenco Armik – Tango Flamenco (demo version)

Armik – Rubia Armik – Rubia (demo version)

Armik – Cartas de Amour Armik – Cartas De Amour (demo version)

Armik – You’re My Love Armik – You’re My Love (demo version)

Armik – Lovers in Madrid Armik – Lovers In Madrid (demo version)

Behzad – Rapture of Massy Behzad – Rapture of Massy (demo version)

Behzad – Gypsy Renaissance Behzad – Gypsy Renaissance (demo version)

Behzad – Journey Behzad – Journey (demo version)

Behzad – Celestial Tribe Behzad – Celestial Tribe (demo version)

Behzad – Amazon Rain Behzad – Amazon Rain (demo version)

Behzad – Rumi’s Inspiration Behzad – Rumi’s Inspiration (demo version)

Behzad – Fire Within Behzad – Fire Within (demo version)

Behzad – Endless Passion Behzad – Endless Passion (demo version)

Benedetti & Svoboda – Ritmos de Valarta Benedetti & Svoboda – Ritmos de Valarta (demo version)

Blonker – La Valetta Blonker – La Valetta (demo version)

Carlos Villalobos – Duende, Spanish Eyes Carlos Villalobos – Duende, Spanish Eyes (demo version)

Chet Atkins – Yakety Axe Chet Atkins – Yakety Axe (demo version)

Chico & the Gypsies – Soleil Chico and the Gypsies – Soleil (demo version)

Chico & the Gypsies – Patio Chico And The Gypsies – Patio (demo version)

Chico & the Gypsies – Arles Chico and the Gypsies – Arles (demo version)

Chico & the Gypsies – Suerte Chico and the Gypsies – Suerte (demo version)

Chico and the Gypsies – Un Hombre (Concert Version of Olympia 2010) (demo version)

Chico and the Gypsies – Un Hombre (Second Concert Version) (demo version)

Chico and the Gypsies – Pharaon (Concert Version of Olympia 2010) (demo version)

Chico and the Gypsies – Pharaon (Concert Saint Victoret 2015) (demo version)

Chico and the Gypsies – Moorea (Concert Version of Olympia 2010) (demo version)

Chico and the Gypsies – Allegria (Concert Version of Olympia 2010) (demo version)

Chris Spheeris – Viva Chris Spheeris – Viva (demo version)

Chris Spheeris – Pavane Chris Spheeris – Pavane (demo version)

Chris Spheeris – The Arrow Chris Spheeris – The Arrow (demo version)

Chris Spheeris – Allegria Chris Spheeris – Allegria (demo version)

Chris Spheeris – Carino Chris Spheeris – Carino (demo version)

Chris Spheeris – Psyche Chris Spheeris – Psyche (demo version)

Chris Spheeris – Mediterraneo Chris Spheeris – Mediterraneo (demo version)

Chris Spheeris – Always Chris Spheeris – Always (demo version)

Chris Spheeris – Eros Chris Spheeris – Eros (demo version)

Chris Spheeris – Dancing With The Muse Chris Spheeris – Dancing With The Muse (demo version)

Chris Spheeris, Anthony Mazzella – Brio Chris Spheeris, Anthony Mazzella – Brio (demo version)

Daveed – First Breath Daveed – First Breath (demo version)

Daveed – Russian Nights Daveed – Russian Nights (demo version)

Daveed – The Garden Daveed – The Garden (demo version)

Daveed – Shine Daveed – Shine (demo version)

Daveed – Bliss Daveed – Bliss (demo version)

Daveed – With You Daveed – With You (demo version)

Daveed – Bright Day Daveed – Bright Day (demo version)

De Madera – Canaveral De Madera – Canaveral (demo version)

Eric Hansen – Punta Arenas Eric Hansen – Punta Arenas (demo version)

Eric Hansen – Salsera Eric Hansen – Salsera (demo version)

Eric Kamen – Barcelona Boo Eric Kamen – Barcelona Boo (demo version)

Eric Kamen – Goin Down Eric Kamen – Goin Down (demo version)

Esteban – Runaway Esteban – Runaway (demo version)

Francis Goya – If I Only Had Time Francis Goya – If I Only Had Time (demo version)

Francis Goya – Chanson pour Milan Francis Goya – Chanson pour Milan (demo version)

Francis Goya – Sleepy Shores Francis Goya – Sleepy Shores (demo version)

Francis Goya – One Sunday Morning Francis Goya – One Sunday Morning (demo version)

Francis Goya – Concerto Pour Une Voix Francis Goya – Concerto Pour Une Voix (demo version)

Francis Goya – Nostalgia Francis Goya – Nostalgia (demo version)

Francis Goya – La Foule Francis Goya – La Foule (demo version)

Francis Goya – Blue Moon Francis Goya – Blue Moon (demo version)

Francis Goya – Peagi saabun tagasi su juurde Francis Goya – Peagi saabun tagasi su juurde (demo version)

Francis Goya – Helmi Francis Goya – Helmi (demo version)

Francis Goya – How Can`T We Live Without Each Other Francis Goya – How Can`T We Live Without Each Other (demo version)

Francis Goya – Theme From ‘The Deerhunter’ (Cavatina) Francis Goya – Theme From ‘The Deerhunter’ (Cavatina) (demo version)

Francis Goya – Theme From ‘Mahogany’ Francis Goya – Theme From ‘Mahogany’ (demo version)

Francis Goya – Valdemesa Nights Francis Goya – Valdemesa Nights (demo version)

Francis Goya – Twilight Time Francis Goya – Twilight Time (demo version)

Francis Goya – Two Guitars (Gypsy) Francis Goya – Two Guitars (Gypsy) (demo version)

Francis Goya – Cafe Concert Francis Goya – Cafe Concert (demo version)

Francisco Garcia – A Rainy Day Francisco Garcia – A Rainy Day (demo version)

Francisco Garcia – Que Sera Francisco Garcia – Que Sera (demo version)

Francisco Garcia – Misty Nights Francisco Garcia – Misty Nights (demo version)

Francisco Garcia – Comme Ils Disent Francisco Garcia – Comme Ils Disent (demo version)

Gary Moore – Spanish Guitar Gary Moore – Spanish Guitar (demo version)

Gerardo Nunez – Mi Patio Gerardo Nunez – Mi Patio (demo version)

Gerardo Nunez – Sancti Petri (Rumba) Gerardo Nunez – Sancti Petri (Rumba) (demo version)

Gerardo Nunez – Tarifa (Buleria) Gerardo Nunez – Tarifa (Buleria) (demo version)

Gipsy Kings – Allegria Gipsy Kings – Allegria (demo version)

Gipsy Kings – Faena Gipsy Kings – Faena (demo version)

Gipsy Kings – Luna De Fuego Gipsy Kings – Luna De Fuego (demo version)

Gipsy Kings – Galaxia (Rumba Gitana) Gipsy Kings – Galaxia (Rumba Gitana) (demo version)

Gipsy Kings – Galaxia (Concert Version, 1992 Live) Gipsy Kings – Galaxia (Concert Version, 1992 Live) (demo version)

Gipsy Kings – Gipsyrock Gipsy Kings – Gipsyrock (demo version)

Gipsy Kings – Inspiration Gipsy Kings – Inspiration (demo version)

Gipsy Kings – Duende Gipsy Kings – Duende (demo version)

Gipsy Kings – Lagrimas Gipsy Kings – Lagrimas (demo version)

Gipsy Kings – Ternuras Gipsy Kings – Ternuras (demo version)

Gipsy Kings – Mosaique Gipsy Kings – Mosaique (demo version)

Gipsy Kings – Liberte Gipsy Kings – Liberte (demo version)

Gipsy Kings – Passion Gipsy Kings – Passion (demo version)

Gipsy Kings – Bossamba Gipsy Kings – Bossamba (demo version)

Gipsy Kings – Moorea Gipsy Kings – Moorea (demo version)

Gipsy Kings – Pharaon Gipsy Kings – Pharaon (demo version)

Gipsy Kings – Pharaon (Concert Version, 1990 Live In Los Angeles Us Tour) (demo version)

Gipsy Kings – Tampa Gipsy Kings – Tampa (demo version)

Gipsy Kings – Recuerdo Apasionado Gipsy Kings – Recuerdo Apasionado (demo version)

Gipsy Kings – Ritmo De La Noche Gipsy Kings – Ritmo De La Noche (demo version)

Gipsy Kings – Michael Gipsy Kings – Michael (demo version)

Gipsy Kings – Love and Liberte Gipsy Kings – Love and Liberte (demo version)

Gipsy Kings – Cataluna Gipsy Kings – Cataluna (demo version)

Gipsy Kings – Tierra Gitana Gipsy Kings – Tierra Gitana (demo version)

Gipsy Kings – Rumba Tech Gipsy Kings – Rumba Tech (demo version)

Gipsy Kings – Canastero Gipsy Kings – Canastero (demo version)

Gitano Family – Le pain du gitan Gitano Family – Le pain du gitan (demo version)

Guitarra Azul – Tears in the Rain Guitarra Azul – Tears in the Rain (demo version)

Govi – Chill On Your Huevos Govi – Chill On Your Huevos (demo version)

Govi – Persuasion Govi – Persuasion (demo version)

Govi – Rising in Love Govi – Rising in Love (demo version)

Govi – Havana Sunset Govi – Havana Sunset (demo version)

Govi – Espresso Govi – Espresso (demo version)

Govi – Passionfruit Govi – Passionfruit (demo version)

Govi – Danza Del Amor Govi – Danza Del Amor (demo version)

Incendio – Luna Incendio – Luna (demo version)

Incendio – Vamos Ya Incendio – Vamos Ya (demo version)

Incendio – Duelo a la Muerte Incendio – Duelo a la Muerte (demo version)

Incendio – Isla Verde Incendio – Isla Verde (demo version)

Incendio – Malaga Sunset Incendio – Malaga Sunset (demo version)

Incendio – Ropa Vieja Incendio – Ropa Vieja (demo version)

Incendio – Rum Baba Incendio – Rum Baba (demo version)

Incendio – Nightfall Incendio – Nightfall (demo version)

Javier Limon – El git Semisamba Javier Limon – El git Semisamba (demo version)

Jesse Cook – Tempest Jesse Cook – Tempest (demo version)

Jesse Cook – Cascada Jesse Cook – Cascada (demo version)

Jesse Cook – Breeze from Saintes Maries Jesse Cook – Breeze from Saintes Maries (demo version)

Jesse Cook – Baghdad Jesse Cook – Baghdad (demo version)

Jesse Cook – Parasol Jesse Cook – Parasol (demo version)

Jesse Cook – Dance of Spring Jesse Cook – Dance of Spring (demo version)

Jesse Cook – Jumpstart Jesse Cook – Jumpstart (demo version)

Jesse Cook – Mario Takes a Walk Jesse Cook – Mario Takes a Walk (demo version)

Jesse Cook – Azul Jesse Cook – Azul (demo version)

Jesse Cook – Into the Dark Jesse Cook – Into the Dark (demo version)

Jesse Cook – Brio Jesse Cook – Brio (demo version)

Jesse Cook – Gypsy Jesse Cook – Gypsy (demo version)

Jesse Cook – Luna Llena Jesse Cook – Luna Llena (demo version)

Jesse Cook – That’s Right! Jesse Cook – That’s Right! (demo version)

Jesse Cook – Cancion Triste Jesse Cook – Cancion Triste (demo version)

Jesse Cook – Rattle And Burn Jesse Cook – Rattle And Burn (demo version)

Jesse Cook – Red Jesse Cook – Red (demo version)

Jesse Cook – Switchback Jesse Cook – Switchback (demo version)

Jesse Cook – Air Jesse Cook – Air (demo version)

Jesse Cook – Virtue Jesse Cook – Virtue (demo version)

Jesse Cook – Viva Jesse Cook – Viva (demo version)

Jesse Cook – Luna Llena [live] Jesse Cook – Luna Llena [live] (demo version)

Jesse Cook – Matisse the cat Jesse Cook – Matisse the cat (demo version)

Jesse Cook – Cafe Mocha Jesse Cook – Cafe Mocha (demo version)

Jesse Cook – Rain Jesse Cook – Rain (demo version)

Jesse Cook – Havana Jesse Cook – Havana (demo version)

Jesse Cook – Bogota by Bus Jesse Cook – Bogota by Bus (demo version)

Jesse Cook – La Rumba D’el Jefe Jesse Cook – La Rumba D’el Jefe (demo version)

Jesse Cook – Rain Day Jesse Cook – Rain Day (demo version)

Jesse Cook – Bombay Diner Jesse Cook – Bombay Diner (demo version)

Jesse Cook – Broken Moon Jesse Cook – Broken Moon (demo version)

Jesse Cook – Shake Jesse Cook – Shake (demo version)

Jesse Cook – Double Dutch Jesse Cook – Double Dutch (demo version)

Johannes Linstead – Djunga Johannes Linstead – Djunga (demo version)

Johannes Linstead – Road to Marrakesh Johannes Linstead – Road to Marrakesh (demo version)

Johannes Linstead – Mango Johannes Linstead – Mango (demo version)

Johannes Linstead – Zarzamora Johannes Linstead – Zarzamora (demo version)

Johannes Linstead – Caja de Cerillas Johannes Linstead – Caja de Cerillas (demo version)

Johannes Linstead – Andalucia Johannes Linstead – Andalucia (demo version)

Johannes Linstead – Journey to Alcazaba Johannes Linstead – Journey to Alcazaba (demo version)

Johannes Linstead – Mistico Johannes Linstead – Mistico (demo version)

Jose Luis Encinas – Luna de fiesta Jose Luis Encinas – Luna de fiesta (demo version)

Juan Martin – The Aficionado Juan Martin – The Aficionado (demo version)

Kevin Laliberte – Andalus Kevin Laliberte – Andalus (demo version)

Kevin Laliberte – Elation Kevin Laliberte – Elation (demo version)

Kevin Laliberte – Lisboa Kevin Laliberte – Lisboa (demo version)

Kevin Laliberte – Into the Night Kevin Laliberte – Into the Night (demo version)

Koi no Yokushiryoku – Love Deterrence Koi no Yokushiryoku – Love Deterrence (demo version)

Lara & Reyes – Besos Rosas Lara & Reyes – Besos Rosas (demo version)

Lara & Reyes – Cotton Candy Lara & Reyes – Cotton Candy (demo version)

Lara & Reyes – Satellite Island Lara & Reyes – Satellite Island (demo version)

Lara & Reyes – Feliz Navidad Lara & Reyes – Feliz Navidad (demo version)

Luis Villegas – A Dios Luis Villegas – A Dios (demo version)

Luis Villegas – Baby Elephants Luis Villegas – Baby Elephants (demo version)

Luis Villegas – Banana Bay Luis Villegas – Banana Bay (demo version)

Luis Villegas – Noches Guitanas Luis Villegas – Noches Guitanas (demo version)

Luis Villegas – Rumba & Coke Luis Villegas – Rumba & Coke (demo version)

Luis Villegas – Nueva Vida Luis Villegas – Nueva Vida (demo version)

Luis Villegas – Daydream Luis Villegas – Daydream (demo version)

Luis Villegas – Bienvenidos Luis Villegas – Bienvenidos (demo version)

Manolo & Ricao – Rock gitan Manolo & Ricao – Rock gitan (demo version)

Manolo Sanlucar – Canela Y Clavo Manolo Sanlucar – Canela Y Clavo (demo version)

Marc Antoine – Sierra Bella Marc Antoine – Sierra Bella (demo version)

Marc Antoine – Unity Marc Antoine – Unity (demo version)

Melibea – Lamento Melibea – Lamento (demo version)

Miguel de la Bastide – Torrecillo Del Leal Miguel de la Bastide – Torrecillo Del Leal (demo version)

Nature’s Harmony – Home Across the Sea Nature’s Harmony – Home Across the Sea (demo version)

Nicolas de Angelis – El cumpanchero Nicolas de Angelis – El cumpanchero (demo version)

Nicolas de Angelis – Nos Amours Nicolas de Angelis – Nos Amours (demo version)

Nicolas de Angelis – Jealousy Nicolas de Angelis – Jealousy (demo version)

Nicolas de Angelis – La 40e Symphonie Nicolas De Angelis – La 40e Symphonie (demo version)

Nicolas de Angelis – L’espagnole Nicolas de Angelis – L’espagnole (demo version)

Nicolas de Angelis – Reve Damour Nicolas de Angelis – Reve Damour (demo version)

Nocy – Flames of Spain Nocy – Flames of Spain (demo version)

Nocy – You Never Left Me Alone Nocy – You Never Left Me Alone (demo version)

Nocy – My Love Nousy – My Love (demo version)

Nocy – Solidago Nocy – Solidago (demo version)

Nocy – Spirits Of Love Nocy – Spirits Of Love (demo version)

Nocy – Yo Quiero Tu Corazon Nocy – Yo Quiero Tu Corazon (demo version)

Nocy – Nights In Vegas Nocy – Nights In Vegas (demo version)

Nocy – Sensual Nights Nocy – Sensual Nights (demo version)

Nocy – You Never Left Me Alone (Second Version) (demo version)

Nocy – Flamenco Nocy – Flamenco (demo version)

Nocy – When One Falls In Love Nocy – When One Falls In Love (demo version)

Nocy – Christmas In Rio Nocy – Christmas In Rio (demo version)

Nocy – Beauty Nocy – Beauty (demo version)

Nocy – New spirits Nocy – New spirits (demo version)

Nocy – Days with passion Nocy – Days with passion (demo version)

Nocy – Flames of Spain (Second Version) Nocy – Flames of Spain (Second Version) (demo version)

Nocy – Belle Moment Nocy – Belle Moment (demo version)

Nocy – Mi Amigo Nocy – Mi Amigo (demo version)

Nocy – Shining Star Nocy – Shining Star (demo version)

Nova Menco – Close to the edge Nova Menco – Close to the edge (demo version)

Nova Menco – Flight to Paradise Nova Menco – Flight to Paradise (demo version)

Nova Menco – Half Moon Nova Menco – Half Moon (demo version)

Nova Menco – Journey Nova Menco – Journey (demo version)

Nova Menco – Lorca Nova Menco – Lorca (demo version)

Nova Menco – Mediterranean Breeze Nova Menco – Mediterranean Breeze (demo version)

Nova Menco – Tigris Palase Nova Menco – Tigris Palase (demo version)

Nova Menco – Purple Meadows Nova Menco – Purple Meadows (demo version)

Nova Menco – Sahara Nova Menco – Sahara (demo version)

Nova Menco – Spring in Toledo Nova Menco – Spring in Toledo (demo version)

Nova Menco – French Quarter Nova Menco – French Quarter (demo version)

Oscar Lopez – Dancing With You Oscar Lopez – Dancing With You (demo version)

Oscar Lopez – The Flavor Oscar Lopez – The Flavor (demo version)

Oscar Lopez – Armando’s Fire Oscar Lopez – Armando’s Fire (demo version)

Oscar Lopez – Gypsy Soul Oscar Lopez – Gypsy Soul (demo version)

Oscar Lopez – Dance of the Sun Oscar Lopez – Dance of the Sun (demo version)

Oscar Lopez – My Destiny Oscar Lopez – My Destiny (demo version)

Ottmar Liebert – Barcelona Nights Ottmar Liebert – Barcelona Nights (demo version)

Ottmar Liebert – 2 The Night Ottmar liebert – 2 The Night (demo version)

Ottmar Liebert – Up Close, Embrace Ottmar Liebert – Up Close, Embrace (demo version)

Paco Cepero – Agua Marina (Rumba) Paco Cepero – Agua Marina (Rumba) (demo version)

Paco Cepero – Torre De Marfil (Rumba) Paco Cepero – Torre De Marfil (Rumba) (demo version)

Paco Cepero – Cartuja Paco Cepero – Cartuja (demo version)

Paco de Lucia – Rio Ancho (Rumba) Paco De Lucia – Rio Ancho (Rumba) (demo version)

Paco de Lucia – Entre dos Aguas Paco de Lucia – Entre dos Aguas (demo version)

Paco de Lucia – Entre dos aguas (Concert Version) Paco de Lucia – Entre dos aguas (concert version) (demo version)

Paco de Lucia – Besame mucho Paco de Lucia – Besame mucho (demo version)

Paco de Lucia – Moliendo Cafe Paco de Lucia – Moliendo Cafe (demo version)

Paco de Lucia – Almoraima Paco de Lucia – Almoraima (demo version)

Paco de Lucia – Guajiras de Lucia Paco de Lucia – Guajiras de Lucia (demo version)

Paco de Lucia – Zarda de Monty Paco de Lucia – Zarda de Monty (demo version)

Paco de Lucia – Cielito lindo Paco de Lucia – Cielito lindo (demo version)

Paco de Lucia – El Vito Paco de Lucia – El Vito (demo version)

Paco de Lucia – Solo quiero caminar Paco de Lucia – Solo quiero caminar (demo version)

Paco de Lucia – Danza Ritual del Fuego Paco de Lucia – Danza Ritual del Fuego (demo version)

Paco de Lucia – Tango de la rosa Paco de Lucia – Tango de la rosa (demo version)

Paco de Lucia – Si no me more Paco de Lucia – Si no me more (demo version)

Paco de Lucia – Impetu Paco de Lucia – Impetu (demo version)

Paco de Lucia – Yo vendo unos ojos negros Paco de Lucia – Yo vendo unos ojos negros (demo version)

Paco de Lucia – El jarabe tapatio Paco de Lucia – El jarabe tapatio (demo version)

Paco de Lucia – Convite (Rumba) Paco de Lucia – Convite (Rumba) (demo version)

Paco de Lucia – La luna sobre las ruinas del castillo Paco de Lucia – La luna sobre las ruinas del castillo (demo version)

Paco de Lucia – Rumba Improvisada Paco de Lucia – Rumba Improvisada (demo version)

Paco de Lucia – Zyryab Paco de Lucia – Zyryab (demo version)

Paco de Lucia – Cancion de Amor Paco de Lucia – Cancion de Amor (demo version)

Paco de Lucia – Celos Paco de Lucia – Celos (demo version)

Paco de Lucia – Plazuela Paco de Lucia – Plazuela (demo version)

Paco de Lucia – Siboney Paco de Lucia – Siboney (demo version)

Paco de Lucia – Tema de amor Paco de Lucia – Tema de amor (demo version)

Paco de Lucia – Quizas, quizas, quizas Paco de Lucia – Quizas, quizas, quizas (demo version)

Paco de Lucia – Tema andaluz Paco de Lucia – Tema andaluz (demo version)

Paco de Lucia – Tico, tico Paco de Lucia – Tico, tico (demo version)

Paco de Lucia – A Tu Vera Paco de Lucia – A Tu Vera (demo version)

Paco de Lucia – Perfidia Paco de Lucia – Perfidia (demo version)

Paco de Lucia – Monasterio de Sal Paco de Lucia – Monasterio de Sal (demo version)

Paco de Lucia – Aires andaluces Paco de Lucia – Aires andaluces (demo version)

Paco de Lucia – Aires choqueros Paco de Lucia – Aires choqueros (demo version)

Paco de Lucia – Gitanos Andaluces Paco de Lucia – Gitanos Andaluces (demo version)

Paco de Lucia – Mi inspiracion Paco de Lucia – Mi inspiracion (demo version)

Paco de Lucia – Piropo Gaditano Paco de Lucia – Piropo Gaditano (demo version)

Paco de Lucia – Reflejo de luna Paco de Lucia – Reflejo de luna (demo version)

Paco de Lucia – Cielo Sevillano Paco de Lucia – Cielo Sevillano (demo version)

Paco de Lucia – Mantilla de feria Paco de Lucia – Mantilla de feria (demo version)

Paco de Lucia – Punta Umbria Paco de Lucia – Punta Umbria (demo version)

Paco de Lucia – Zapateado Paco de Lucia – Zapateado (demo version)

Paco de Lucia – El tempul Paco de Lucia – El tempul (demo version)

Paco de Lucia – Esencia gitana Paco de Lucia – Esencia gitana (demo version)

Paco de Lucia – Fuente y caudal Paco de Lucia – Fuente y caudal (demo version)

Paco de Lucia – Cepa Andaluza Paco de Lucia – Cepa Andaluza (demo version)

Paco de Lucia – Fandangos Paco de Lucia – Fandangos (demo version)

Paco de Lucia – Nana Paco de Lucia – Nana (demo version)

Paco de Lucia – Panaderos flamencos Paco de Lucia – Panaderos flamencos (demo version)

Paco Nula – Guitarra Paco Nula – Guitarra (demo version)

Paco Nula – Mi Gente Paco Nula – Mi Gente (demo version)

Pavlo, Rik Emmett, Oscar Lopez – Melting Pot (only solo party) Pavlo, Rik Emmett, Oscar Lopez – Melting Pot (demo version)

Pavlo, Rik Emmett, Oscar Lopez – Trifecta (only solo party) Pavlo, Rik Emmett, Oscar Lopez – Trifecta (demo version)

Pavlo – Midnight Dance Pavlo – Midnight Dance (demo version)

Pavlo – Mediterranean Eyes Pavlo – Mediterranean Eyes (demo version)

Pavlo – Paradise Pavlo – Paradise (demo version)

Pavlo – Andalusia by Night Pavlo – Andalusia by Night (demo version)

Pavlo – Latin Love Pavlo – Latin Love (demo version)

Pavlo – Under the Heat Pavlo – Under the Heat (demo version)

Pavlo – Ella Ella (Remix) Pavlo – Ella Ella (Remix) (demo version)

Pavlo – Pavlo Style Pavlo – Pavlo Style (demo version)

Pavlo – Tsiftetelli Pavlo – Tsiftetelli (demo version)

Pavlo – Fotia Pavlo – Fotia (demo version)

Pavlo – Flamenco Nights Pavlo – Flamenco Nights (demo version)

Pavlo – Romantica Pavlo – Romantica (demo version)

Pavlo – Heart In Seoul Pavlo – Heart In Seoul (demo version)

Rafael Cortes – Made in France Rafael Cortes – Made in France (demo version)

Rafael Cortes – Miki Rafael Cortes – Miki (demo version)

Rafael Cortes – El ultimo Domingo Ostatnia Niedziela (Valse) (demo version)

Rafael Riqueni – Piel De Toro (Rumba) Rafael Riqueni – Piel De Toro (Rumba) (demo version)

Ricky King – Guitarrissimo Ricky King – Guitarrissimo (demo version)

Ricky King – Bravissimo Ricky King – Bravissimo (demo version)

Robert Michaels – Cupid’s Dance Robert Michaels – Cupid’s Dance (demo version)

Robert Michaels – Fuego Robert Michaels – Fuego (demo version)

Robert Michaels – Sunset Samba Robert Michaels – Sunset Samba (demo version)

Robert Michaels – Terra Cotta Robert Michaels – Terra Cotta (demo version)

Robert Michaels – Classical Gas Robert Michaels – Classical Gas (demo version)

Robert Michaels – Aranjuez Robert Michaels – Aranjuez (demo version)

Roger Espinoza – Cabana Roger Espinoza – Cabana (demo version)

Roni Benise – Desperado Roni Benise – Desperado (demo version)

Roni Benise – Luna Flamenca Roni Benise – Luna Flamenca (demo version)

Roni Benise – Sunsong Roni Benise – Sunsong (demo version)

Roni Benise – Mi Amor Roni Benise – Mi Amor (demo version)

Sergi Vicente – Buenos Recuerdos Sergi Vicente – Buenos Recuerdos (demo version)

Steven Katz – Mediterraneo Steven Katz – Mediterraneo (demo version)

Shahin & Sepehr – Fields of Change Shahin & Sepehr – Fields of Change (demo version)

Shahin & Sepehr – One Thousand & One Nights Shahin & Sepehr – One Thousand & One Nights (demo version)

Shahin & Sepehr – Wild World Shahin & Sepehr – Wild World (demo version)

Shanin & Sepehr – East West Highway Shanin & Sepehr – East West Highway (demo version)

Shahin & Sepehr – Through Your Eyes Shahin & Sepehr – Through Your Eyes (demo version)

Sting – Saint Agnes And The Burning Train Sting – Saint Agnes And The Burning Train (demo version)

Strunz & Farah & Sting – Tides Strunz & Farah & Sting – Tides (demo version)

Strunz & Farah – Gypsy Earrings Strunz & Farah – Gypsy Earrings (demo version)

Strunz & Farah – Twilight at the Zuq (Cencert Version) Strunz & Farah – Twilight at the Zuq (Concert Version) (demo version

Strunz & Farah – Jardin (Cencert Version) Strunz & Farah – Jardin (Concert Version) (demo version)

Tierra Negra – Boreal Tierra Negra – Boreal (demo version)

Tierra Negra – Hot Nights Tierra Negra – Hot Nights (demo version)

Tierra Negra – Junto Al Mar Tierra Negra – Junto Al Mar (demo version)

Tierra Negra – Place du forum Tierra Negra – Place du forum (demo version)

Tierra Negra – Scirocco Tierra Negra – Scirocco (demo version)

Tierra Negra – Prophecy Tierra Negra – Prophecy (demo version)

Tommy Emmanuel – Fiesta Tommy Emmanuel – Fiesta (demo version)

Vicente Amigo – Pan Caliente Vicente Amigo – Pan Caliente (demo version)

Vicente Amigo – Roma Vicente Amigo – Roma (demo version)