Conditions for successful magical practice

In esotericism, as in any other occupation, there are no trifles. Most often, with a person who has only recently become interested in spiritual practices and meditations, a situation occurs that unjustified hope is placed on magic. Novice yogis, adherents of other teachings believe that with a wave of a magic wand, it is possible to transform absolutely all spheres of life. People sincerely believe that there is a very strong ritual after which it is possible to correct fate, restore lost health and establish relationships. However, this is just a myth! To transform, it is not enough to create a mystical atmosphere, acquire the necessary attributes and be covered with manuals on magic and witchcraft. Much more important is pure faith, unclouded by doubt, a strong desire to change and, of course, knowledge.Successful practice requires such conditions as: regularity, training time, location, attributes and calmness of the inner state.Orientation to the lunar calendar is equally important for meditation and energy work. Understanding the peculiarity of the lunar day, you can know exactly what energy dominates on a particular day of the month in order to choose the right exercise or meditation. If a person knows that today is the day of the "fiery serpent", "swamp" or "spider", then he, realizing the severity of the energy, will not engage in complex spiritual techniques. It is better to be patient a little and meditate on a more favorable lunar day, for example, in the "crane" or "phoenix" when you can reach your destination in this life. In addition to the lunar calendar, you can focus on the phases of the moon. It is more convenient to pray for overcoming the hardships of life on the growing moon. On the waning moon, you need to do exercises that help get rid of bad habits and negative states.The ancient Indian yoga scripture "Hatha Yoga Pradipika" describes favorable conditions for any practice, regardless of the chosen spiritual teaching. For proper meditation, it is necessary to retire, turn off extraneous noises and tune in to long-term work. In addition, you should not engage if a person is sick, weak, depressed, overeated or, conversely, hungry.Special attention should be paid to the objects of worship. Every thing endowed with power must be protected, cleaned of bad energy and hidden from strangers. If it is a "talisman", then it needs to be cleaned several times a month and filled with new energy. In addition, it is forbidden to touch magical objects, even close ones, since an information trace about the physical condition of another person may remain on the surface of the thing.Each of these factors will not work without faith in God and grace that can help overcome any problems. In order for the practice to work, you need unshakable confidence, peace of mind and a sincere desire to cleanse your soul of everything superfluous. It is equally important to keep your spiritual practice secret. There is no need to tell your friends and family about the techniques being performed. Order Kaletra online Buy Kaletra without a prescription - Kaletra official website.