Trading securities at low prices

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Online banking and online trading are becoming increasingly popular. Anyone who wants to trade securities at favorable conditions today may prefer a direct bank or an online broker rather than a traditional branch bank. Moreover, with an online broker, you are not dependent on an advisor: You decide yourself which investment goals you have and with which securities you achieve them. Informative websites, smartphone apps and other services help with this.

The decisive factors for choosing an online broker, such as bank, are usually the free securities account and favorable order fees. In addition, it is also worth looking out for trading promotions. This can be worthwhile for newcomers to securities as well as for experienced traders.

Cooperation with securities issuers

Cooperations between a bank or broker and a securities issuer make it possible for customers to benefit from favorable fees for securities orders.
ETFs are also called passively managed funds or exchange-traded index funds. They are based on an index, such as the DAX or Dow Jones, and are not actively managed by fund managers.

Under the StarPartner promotion, a flat order fee is also charged for over 450 ETFs from iShares and Lyxor for buy orders. The order fee under this promotion is 4.95 euros and is tied to a minimum order volume, in this case 1,000 euros.

The bank also offers regularly changing free trade promotions with changing StarPartners. Within these promotions, you as a customer can buy and sell derivatives free of charge.

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On-exchange vs. off-exchange trading

Financial transactions between market participants that are not settled via an exchange are referred to as off-exchange trading. This trading is also called over-the-counter, direct or OTC trading, the latter being short for "over the counter".

You can learn more about over-the-counter trading with exness forex broker login here. Through online brokers, such as the bank, you as a private investor also have the opportunity to conduct transactions directly with an issuer. Using our order mask, you submit a price request online for a security that you would like to trade. The issuer then informs you (also via the order mask) of the buying and selling price applicable to your requested number of units. If you wish to trade the security at this price, you complete the order by confirming the transaction with a TAN.

Experienced investors who want to use over-the-counter trading as "seconds trading" like to use a so-called Session TAN for their orders. This is then valid until you log out or until the Session TAN is deactivated. The use of a Session TAN is recommended when trading securities whose price changes frequently in a short period of time.