Stockholm, the tenths: Young Lin and Swedish music start-ups

Hur gör musik casinospel underhållande?

Another striking story emerged in the 2010s. Swedish musicians were first known around the world and only then in their own country. Such was the case with rapper Young Lin: his track "Ginseng Strip 2002" was unexpectedly distributed on Youtube and made him world famous. It seems that the urge to distribute music primarily for export has finally played a cruel joke on the Swedish music scene.

Junatan Leander "Young Lin" became famous at first, not for his skills, but rather for his ineptitude: his first videos were full of clumsy movements, and he himself could not really rap. But even in his early works the main themes of his creativity were discernible: depression, youthful aggression and loneliness. By now Young Lin has grown as an artist, becoming one of Sweden's most interesting and unusual rappers. The internet and casinos have played an important part in all of this - click on next article.

In 2016, in a short video about Swedish pop music, Young Lin was one of the last to feature. It's only been a short time, but he too has already been replaced by the next generation of pop singers like Tuve Lu. Swedish musical talent seems to be endless!

The Swedish attitude towards music has influenced more than just artists and listeners. The Stockholm-based start-ups Soundcloud and especially Spotify have changed the music listening industry itself. Yes, so much so that, according to Flow in 2019, streaming revenues exceeded all other ways of making money from music for the first time, reaching 56 per cent. Downloading music onto computers, players and phones seems to be a thing of the past, and buying CDs and vinyl records is just a collector's item.