Acne and acne treatments

Remember - the appearance of acne is directly related to what we eat, what kind of stomach we have, nerves.How they upset us when we need to go somewhere!What kind of treatment can help?Try to make a mask of grated quince for 15-20 minutes.
A good remedy is plantain juice (of course not collected near the road).
At the pharmacy, try to get a spring primrose (decoction), black elderberry (infusion).
The smell of bird cherry is dizzy and can cause allergies, but a decoction of its flowers can help you.Wash your face, apply lotions.
Magic pine tree.A decoction of her kidneys, pine needles, bark (again, the smell) will cheer you up and help your acne problems.
Mother - stepmother (infusion, frozen ice), lemon balm (lotions. Infusion), birch (good in the bath, aroma and beautiful tree - how its leaves rustle in the evening, at sunset.
Infusion of birch 4 tbsp.tablespoons of leaves or buds per 500 ml.water, boil for 2 minutes.Wash, apply to problem areas.
White willow (decoction compresses), yarrow (apply lotions).
Common raspberries (the smell and taste are simply drunk, especially the forest one) has a rejuvenating and anti-inflammatory effect, even a small facelift is underway, make masks from it, fresh juice and leaves, just make lotions.
Elecampane high (broth) - ointment from it.50 gr.roots per 100 ml.water.boil for 30 minutes., mix with bacon 50 gr.
It is good to lubricate blackheads with mint infusion, it is excellent to wipe all the skin with it.For oily skin, this is just a godsend.
Marshmallow root (infusion in cold water, 0-8 hours).With seborrhea, acne, rashes, St. John's wort herb (irrigation, lotions) is very good, it disinfects, knits the skin.For red eels, make a gruel from burdock roots with glycerin and lemon juice, respectively, 2 tbsp.l., 1 tbsp.l.1 teaspoon plus 1 more egg yolk, apply a compress overnight.In the morning when you wake up, wipe your face with lemon juice.
Drink infusions of burdock herbs, bergenia root, tricolor violet flowers.Mix 500 ml.water 2 tbsp.l.insist these herbs for 8 hours.Drink 1 tbsp.spoon four times a day, 30 minutes before meals.
Drink 2 tsp.brewer's yeast every morning, before meals, 2 weeks.
And, of course, the main wonderful thing is the calendula!!!!My darling, for all skin problems.!!!!! are poured with 500 ml.alcohol and 50 gr.water.Insist for about 3 weeks and generously lubricate the irritated skin.They also use calendula ointment (buy at a pharmacy).
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