Monster Hunter: World Walkthrough Tips - Main Missions # 035

Jagras' attacks are easy to predict, so use dodge (roll) when you see a monster attacking you.You can also use a shield if your weapon has one.

Jagras, although quite large, is not difficult to defeat.

After the end of the fight, collect materials from Jagras' body (several times).Watch the video in which you will meet the new beast Pukei-Pukei.You will be transferred to Astra.

Attack him when you're ready.The fight will consist of several phases, during which the monster will slightly change the attacks and the dynamics of their execution.Especially watch out for his attacks, tail attacks (when you are behind him), catch attacks (when you stand in front of Jagras), and also throws that can take a lot of health points.

Look for traces of Jagras to track him down.

After inflicting about a dozen strong blows, Jagras will begin to run away.You must catch up with him.Then he will get tired, allowing you to land a series of blows while he is on the ground.Use it to deal significant damage to it.In the second part of the fight, Jagras will launch more aggressive and faster attacks because he will be angry, so you need to focus more on defense.

The first Kestodons can be found in the clearing behind the camp.
Mission: Hunt Big Jagras
Objective: kill Vileki Jagras.
Refusal conditions: fainting - 3.
Time limit: 55 minutes.
Reward: 1200 PLN.

Talk to the Procurement Manager found at the Resource Center in the main square.Take the expedition contract from her.Then, continuing on your way, interacting with the city gates, a map will open.Take an expedition to the Old Tree to get to this place.

Supply center in Astra.
Expedition: Rebuild the camp in Starodzhev
Objective: to secure the site for the construction of the camp.
Refusal conditions: none.
Term: no.
Reward: 200 research points and 1 coupon.

Go from the camp located in the southwestern part of the Old Forest map to the place where the commander of the field group is located (northwest part).Climb the vines to the top, which you will see behind your companion's back.There you will meet a monster - Kulu-Ya-Ku.You must hunt him down.To do this, open the map, select the icon representing the beast and attach it (by pressing the button: R3 on PS4 or RS on XBO).

This is how the fireflies will guide you to Kulu-Ya-Ku.The beast is very durable, so you will have to land many attacks before defeating it.Watch out for stone strikes when he finds them nearby, as well as for a jump attack (requires a lot of health points).Also, it is unpleasant to peck, but easy to avoid.