Советы по прохождению игры Assassin's Creed: Syndicate. Прохождение игры #016

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Wait for the signal and then drop the bomb.

After talking with Bell, exit through the window and go to the marked point on the roof.Then wait for Bell to tell you the password - this will tell you that you can throw the bomb.Repeat the operation twice, going through the roof.You will find the ammo you need in the roof chest.As soon as you drop the third bomb, the enemies will be hit by the charge.Jump down and kill both of them.

There are two enemies in front of the building - use the new tool to electrocute them.

Then follow Bell and enter his carriage.Arriving at the place, go along the wall, from where you can throw a galvanic bomb at the bandits.The last part of the mission consists of three repeated attacks from the enemy - follow Bell between the transmitter parts and he will destroy them.You must protect him during this.

Since the enemies focus on him first, you can kill at least one of them without hiding.First, eliminate opponents who will directly attack Bell.After destroying the third part of the transmitter, the mission will end.


Electrocute thugs with voltaic bombs - throw a galvanic bomb at the bandits standing in front of the building leading to the first part of the transmitter.

Using a reins from the Chief of Security will allow you to perform a unique kill from the top of the van.

To get a unique kill, you must climb onto the cart with a target.
Knowing the weak spot will allow you to jump over the glass and make a unique kill.

In the end, however you eliminate your target, return to the locomotive and leave the station.


Guide - thanks to this, you can go unnoticed until the station where your target is.Steal the necessary documents, then hide in the crowd and go around the guards.

Security Chief - Stealing plans will allow you to commit a unique murder.Wait for the head of security in the aisle above the rails.He will come to the barrier and stand there for a few seconds.This is the perfect time to steal (or kill).


Free the Station Master - The prisoner is being held in a room separate from the station on the west side, not far from where you start the mission.The easiest way to free him is to kill enemies by jumping on top of them through an open roof window.

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