Full Spectrum Warrior Tips - Main Missions # 009

Mission 8

Going further east, hide behind a pile of rubbish.You should be able to knock the enemy away.Drive your team behind the container on the left and then take the narrow street on the left.Walk along the other team along the building and look left to the main street - you will see the armored car in question.Open fire.After a while, the car will leave.

Drive a car with one team.Second, head further south.Stick to the building - there is a small street on the left with an enemy that can be easily eliminated.Expect trouble a little further.Just before the turn on the main road, hide behind the container and remove the sniper from the building ahead.Now go to the corner - you will see an armored car.You can cover yourself with a team from the other side.If you are safely hidden, smash the car with a grenade launcher.When you go a little east, you will see tanks.You must now mark them for firing.Better to go east and straight as far as possible - through the rubble of the house.Beware, there is one enemy here.

Keep going through the ruins, but with insurance, because you are bound to face a threat.One team must watch and shoot, while the other team jumps between the wreckage.When you get close enough, shoot at the target and destroy the tanks.

Crossing the narrow street to the east can be awkward.Therefore, I recommend that you follow the main road.Avoid the truck and hide behind the container.Shoot enemies and get a second team behind the car, previously hiding behind the truck.You will drive your enemies into the alley.Go to the alley and shoot it close - you will stop the enemies in place.Go around them, heading west along the wall and turning left.You will reach the back of the fired enemies - approach them, hiding behind a trash can.You will scare and shoot down at least one of them.

Shoot at the enemy from behind the container with one command.Thanks to this, the team has a clear path from the beginning of the alley.However, before you run through the entire alley, stop at the entrance on the right, near the wall.There is one enemy inside - you can destroy it with a grenade.Now run to the block where your people are firing at the enemy and use the grenade.

After saving the game, set up your team so that it follows the progress in the east - this is important, as soon as you move on, the enemy will leave.Use the second squad to approach the corner of the building at the first left turn (north) - this is an alternate path from the start of the mission, except that you will defeat the enemy units without any problems.Get to the square, where allied troops exchange fire with the enemy.Hide one team behind the rubble, go to the first team and hide behind a concrete bench.This should scare enemies away from their safe positions.If not, take them from behind the flower bed. lägsta insättning casino