Tips for passing Assassin's Creed: Revelations - Main Missions # 008

Memory 7 - in the attack

Full synchronization: Do not create any conflicts in the Imperial Northern District.

Immediately after the start of the memory you attack a squad of guards. Get rid of them and follow Yusuf.

He will show you bombs that distract the enemies. Just throw the bomb and opponents will quickly run to the explosion.

After you get Cherry Bomb, hold RB and select a new weapon with the right analog stick. In order to specify the goal, keep y. After having released it, you reset the bomb.

Now hover the explosive to the marked place and continue to follow your companion. During the sprint, you can throw a bomb from your legs by clicking fast y.

At some point, Yusuf will stop.

After a short cinema, use Zipline and kill the guard on the roof.

After his death, talk to my companion again. He will teach you how to identify captains.

To do this, use Eagle Sense and make the cursor on men below. If the enemy is in a few seconds the gold lights, it means that he is the leader of the defender. Now you have to kill him.

This is not a challenging task, but to get full synchronization, you must do it imperceptibly. To do this, jump into the building on the left, and then slowly move to the left, using its edge.

You can omit right around the corner.

Choose now throwing knives, aim to the captain and throw the weapon.

When a person dies, wait until the guard unfolds, and then kill it with a hidden blade.

You must jump onto the chosen tower from the roof.

Climb up and press B to run the building. Jumping into a stack of hay, you finish this memory.

Memory 3 - Guild Contracts

After completing the previous memory, the camera will show you a pigeon house that allows you to send your students to perform tasks or their learning. Use it, and then select Mediterranean Defense.

In this tab you can send killers to take control of the city in the Mediterranean region. In Bursa, only one contract is now available - "Little Princes". Take this and send your strongest killer into this city. He will not be able to help you in Constantinople for some time, but it will receive experience points for the fulfillment of the mission, and you will receive gold and objects.

If you use the pigeon again, you can manage your students and choose their abilities after receiving the next level of experience. To increase the number of affordable killers, conquer Templar Dance. Here you will also be able to communicate free of charge, watch and start your sex Dating, and with representatives of any sex and age. But to be able to organize your online communication in full, you will only need to register for free on the system free live sex This page contains a list of the best porn chats that you can watch for free. In fact, almost all services of porn video chats position themselves as free porn chats with video, but analyzing the market in this niche, we found only the following services where you can actually watch and chat in porn