Pilot resume

Pilots are the most important specialists in the aviation field. High responsibility, stress resistance, developed coordination, profound knowledge in the field of technology - all this is inherent to the aircraft pilots. This job provides good opportunities for career growth but it is really dangerous and perhaps overly romanticized. In addition to professional skills, it also requires a huge interest in the field, strong theoretical knowledge, and practical experience in the aviation industry.

Pros and cons of the job 

Like any profession, the pilot's position has its pros and cons. Official employment, high salary, good social security, early retirement are not all advantages of the occupation. It allows you to fulfill childhood dreams of traveling - you are guaranteed to see many countries. Pilots on international flights usually have time to walk around the city, see the sights, and have a good leisure time. 

Recreation is a separate advantage: airlines scrupulously control the physical and mental condition of their pilots, because, in order to make the right decisions, the pilot must feel perfect. 

The list of disadvantages is not long, but they are significant: first, pilots very rarely stay at home. In this sense, they are like long-distance sailors. Secondly, constant emotional stress: controlling such a huge and complicated aircraft, keeping a lot of numbers and data in your head, knowing that you have passengers in the cabin with their lives in your hands - this requires great mental effort. That's why pilots have to pass comprehensive medical examinations more often than many other people.

Pilot's resume

To become a pilot you have to pass a huge number of different tests, both theoretical and physical. But the process starts with writing a classic resume which the future pilot sends to the recruiting company. 

Of course, a resume does not play the main role in the process of selecting pilots, but it is still a business card of a candidate for such an important position in the company. Therefore, anyone wishing to obtain this position should think about creating an engaging pilot resume. Let's figure out what a really strong pilot resume should consist of.

Description of experience

The most important criterion for pilot's qualifications is the working experience. It takes thousands of hours of flight time and years of professional work to become a captain in a prestigious airline. On your resume, you need to write down all of your work experience, the names of the airlines, the models of aircraft, the number of hours you flew, and other important and relevant information.

Description of education

Of course, for each pilot, it is very important to get a good theoretical background, because it is difficult to understand all the nuances of being a pilot just in practice. Most wishing to operate the aircraft are trained at special schools and academies.

It is very important to include in your resume all the details about diplomas, as well as certificates of additional courses. 

Proficiency in languages

Each pilot needs to communicate with aircrew and airport staff. For this purpose, it is important to know at least several basic languages as each new language will only give you an advantage over other competitors for the position of a pilot.

No errors

Try to carefully read the final version of your document a few times. Did you miss anything important, any relevant information for the recruiter? 

In conclusion, anyone who is able to cope with the high demands of the pilot profession can expect not only a "romantic" job but also a high salary and stable interest in the labor market. To get this job you only need to gain the right knowledge and experience, as well as create a strong resume.