How to write a resume

To write a good resume, you need professional resume assistance on the main facts of your professional biography. Therefore, your professional business card should have the following look:

  • Position
  • Contact information
  • Work experience
  • Education
  • Professional skills
  • Recommendations
  • Additional information

1. Specify Your Position

If you don't know how to write a resume, make sure you include your job title. This is your resume title. This is the most important part of your business card.

2. Add your contact information

Introduce yourself and your telephone number. You don't need to write your permanent address, as employers are not likely to write you a letter. But you should add your email address.

Do I need to insert a photo? Generally, this is not required, but desirable.

3. Describe your work experience.

Provide as much detail as possible about your work experience. Start with your last job and end with your first.

It is very important to describe in as much detail as possible, what exactly were your duties, and what heights you have achieved. You do not have to use complicated constructions.

4. Don't forget your education.

Now education. First, write about your college degree or high school education. You should do this if only because this way your future employer will be able to understand that you can bring the project to an end.

5. Specify professional skills

A very important block - professional skills. This item is the answer to the question ""how to make your resume even more attractive?"". It is from it the recruiter will find out what you know how to do, what programs to work in and so on. But don't get carried away.

6. Add references

You can add contact information of those who can recommend you as a specialist - great! The more recommendations, the better.

7. Include additional information.

And, of course, write a few words about yourself. Leave your communication skills, responsibility, accuracy, punctuality to your competitors. And for your resume, use an original characteristic that really fits your inner world