Where to find all gold bricks in Refresher Course?

Golden brick NO1

You can find the first gold brick in the laboratory. Come to the terminal shown on the map, and wear a technological costume, playing for Robin. Having access, go down and switch to Batman. Using wetsuit, destroy the glass barrier and assemble the golden brick.

Golden Brick No2.

You will find the second gold brick in the content chambers. Go to the place shown on the map, and switch to a green lamp. Here you must use two characters at the same time. There are three levers that you must pull "simultaneously." The first should be left, then right and then medium. The time you need to pull over the right lever after you pulled the left, is more than ten seconds, so you will not have problems with their activation by one flying character.

Problems begin when it comes to a medium lever, since you have less than one second to pull it after activating the right. Place the character near the middle lever and switch to the first one. Having pulled the left lever, fly to the right and activate the second. As soon as you do, quickly switch the characters and activate the middle lever. Do not worry if you do not work for the first time. You can try as many times as you like. When you follow the task, the gold brick will fall out of the container.

Golden brick NO3

The third golden brick can be obtained in the main room. You must destroy five signs located above the doors. One of them can be seen on the map. You can find signs over all doors in the room in the watchtower. By destroying the fifth, you will get a gold brick.

No gold, no fame: After the mission is completed, "in search of gold" immediately after leaving the laboratory, you will again meet Booster Gold. Talk to him and listen to what he will say. To successfully complete the mission, you must destroy the bronze sign. Go to the sign shown on the map, and destroy objects located nearby. Collect magnetic panels from bricks, and they will enter the sign. To move them, you need to choose a character that can use Magnet Suit (for example, cyborg). Moving the panel, you will complete the mission and get a golden cube and a golden character toketer toketer.

You do not know Jack out of the box: Attention! This mission is only available after you complete the Five Studs mission, Please in the fate room (read the chapter of the Fate Hall - side quests to learn more). Talk to Batheml and start searching purple boxes scattered through the hangar. You must find several civilians and bring them to Battle. After the salvation of all civilians, you will get a gold brick. Communication is the greatest value for a modern person. Our life is complicated and sometimes in addition to virtual communication there is no other chance to talk to other people, discuss some issues, and just share the innermost. Free live sex with girls https://porno-sex.cam/ gives guys the opportunity to practice communication skills with the opposite sex and make girlfriends in different parts of the world. There is a high probability that among these casual interlocutors there will be kindred souls.