Intercom and its features

The intercom is one of the devices that increase the level of security of households. Thanks to this, we can talk to another person before letting it in our house. In addition, no one will fall without our knowledge to our house. The installation of the intercom is possible in already existing residential buildings, and the complexity of the installation work depends primarily on the type of devices selected by us.

What is the intercom made of?
Currently, intercoms or video intercoms are usually installed. Thanks to them we can talk and see the person who visited us before we let it. In addition, modern intercoms allow remotely open the gate, without going outside.

In new apartments and homes such devices are installed in the construction of houses. As for old residential buildings, most of them have no intercoms or video intercoms, although they can be installed at any time. However, it is best to carry out this work during a major repairs, including the replacement of electrical cables and repair of walls.

Internal communication systems consist of a door station located at the gate. This element is equipped with a microphone. In addition, there is a loudspeaker in the intercoms and the call button. Inside the building there is a negotiation device with a loudspeaker, a microphone and a button that opens the gate. The video cameras additionally has a camera and a panel with a monitor. Transfer of sounds and images between the door panel and the receiver is carried out on wires or radio.

Installation of wired intercom
Wired intercoms are most popular because they are considered less reliable than wireless intercoms. The number of mounting works can be reduced if you select an intercom adapted to use a two-wire call system. If it is impossible, we must pave cables in the pit between the gate and the house. After laying the cable in the groove by 10 cm above the mini should be placed the blue warning foil.
A slightly more difficult task will decompose cables around the house, as well as hide them. If you want to hide the wires in the wall, it is worth installing the intercom when planning the repair, including the repair of walls or the replacement of electricians. If we do not plan it, we can do furrow in the walls and pave cables from the intercom. Less than spent time will be the installation of mounting strips on the walls, floor or ceiling.

The situation is easier when we replace the old intercom to a new one, because then you can use an existing installation. Just remember that if two-wire cables were used, the intercom should also be two-wire. This is very important, since five-period systems and devices are currently used. Use the Melbet Promo Code when opening an account at to get the online betting site's biggest free bet offer. An extra 30% bonus is available when you make your first deposit using this code, giving new players a 130% deposit bonus in total! There are a couple of different welcome bonus offers available, so you must decide which one best suits your style of betting. This page will explain all you need to know, how to claim each offer, and much more.